A Saturday on Norrath

Under normal circumstances I don’t log onto EQ2 on Saturdays, except maybe briefly.  Most weekends that’s when I hang out with my offline friends for a round of tabletop of the week and/or movies of dubious quality.  (The latter occasionally informs the former.  It gets interesting.)

Once a month or so, I wind up with a ‘down night’, sign up for a raid, and log in.

I normally raid Wednesdays and Sundays.  Saturdays are a bit of a ‘special treat’ where I grab gear cheap and stock up on that all important commodity for a raider:  DKP.  Which helps when I try to grab the gear on Wednesdays.  (Sundays are a different story…)

If I was smart I’d use the rest of Saurday for things I somehow never manage to do during the week.  Like solo tradeskill instances or level alts or…um…on second thought, Civ 5 looks better and better sometimes…


A new hangout

I suppose I should say a bit more.

I’ve been kicking around the Internet in some way or another since my Freshman year in college.  Way back then I adopted ‘Doctor Stomper’ as my online nickname, based on something from an April Fool’s issue of the late Dragon Magazine.  Yes, I’m a tabletop RPGer, still am.  Also online with MMOs, EQ2 being my main home, though I’ve been known to show up in Rift and City of Heroes from time to time.

I do have a more prosaic work life, but that’s not on the menu (except maybe tangentially).  This is where I’m going to muse about the Internet and gaming and other odd things from time to time.  I lack the self-promoting ego you’d think someone doing this would, so the updates may be a bit irregular.  Kind of like the subject matter.  And most of my personal info will remain quietly hidden, for the most part.  That ain’t what it’s about here.

So…welcome to the odder part of my world.

No, seriously, Hello World

…though I won’t pin down which one.

Behold, my new online home.  Some of you know me by the variations on ‘D. Stomper’ I’ve used for more than 20 years; others by other names, in other places, including (gasp!) my actual name!

I’m making this up as I go along.  Glad to have you along for the ride.